Friday, September 29, 2006

I have the chalice to light up Jah fire

We did Dracula as a school play once, I was Renfield, predictably enough I suppose.
Anyways, this is about a different kind of vampire altogether. This is from a reissue 12", different mix to the classic 7" - this is fully bottom-of-the-ocean, Lee Perry channeling delays and delays and delays, weaving together echoes and reverbs, check those backing vocals, wonderful steppers beat, subaquatic dub magic...
  • Devon Irons - catch vampire

  • I'm trying out 4 shared because I can't get YouSendIt to work - how is it to download?
    Magnificent photo by Mightyquinninlex.

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Badman Time

    Had a great time with some old friends at FWD last friday. Youngsta + D double E = me very happy. Hope it makes the FWD podcast.

    Anyways, on a totally separate note here's something else that makes me happy. Twisted Bashment with a vocoder. Yep. I know that on occasion the man's sexual politics are all wrong, but this track is mindblowingly good, and unexpectedly totally wonky. Ripped amateurishly from pre-owned 7" with a badly cut out middle. I think the grime and crackle just add to it though. Blistering.
  • beenie man 'badman time'
  • Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    vague lullabies, part two

    This one is long dark nights of sleeplessness and half-sleep on stokes croft. The starts and ends of things. Mostly the ends.
    Anyways, one third of Labradford and a guy from Stars of the lid teamed up to make this wonderful thing back in 2000. They called themselves Aix em Klemm and I'm sad to say I've never heard or seen anything else from these two together, apart from this beautiful 6 track album. There's hardly anything going on - but what is going on is just...
    Have a listen, I think this tracks only got about 3 different noises on it, but it's truly a small moment of bliss.
  • Aix em klemm 'the luxury of dirt'

  • Of course, it's out of press (oh aren't they all) but you can, of course, download it here from emusic
    sweet dreams.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006


    Had a cracking time playing at Wonktronica in Elephant & Castle on friday night. Hello to all of you I met down there.
    Me and my polska friend
    the non hopkinsons
    met up with the Hopkinson brothers
    the hopkinsons
    who were there to chaperone mr Hopkinson's computer who was also on the bill. A beautiful, emotive performance, as always...
    It was about 4am by the time I played, but by that time it had stopped being a long day after work, and had started to be an early morning of the weekend. Lots of fun, guest polish mc's and everyone clamouring for a go on the theremin...
    Thanks to David for the photos.
    Album and single release dates to follow shortly!

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    vague lullabies, part one (links fixed)

    music to soundtrack falling asleep is a really important thing to me. A good bedtime cd could get played everynight for anything up to half a year in some cases. It could be anything I suppose (I remember a 3 week period when I was playing Lightning bolt to fall to asleep to, but really really quietly, at such low levels it became somehow soothing) but I generally find that I most fall in love with (unsurprisingly) drifty escapist otherwordly textured electronica type nonsense. It has to conjure up the vague world between awake and adreamt and make my brain stop whirring and let me close my eyes and be entertained by whatever may play out on the inside of my eyelids...
    Anyways, before I start to ramble on, I wanted to share some tracks from what has to be no.1 in my lullaby charts.
    I mean, this is one of my favourite albums ever, day or night. But it is perfect for sending me off too - just the right balance of the soothing and the slightly unsettling...
    This is the 3rd album by Gas, aka Wolfgang Voigt, aka Mike ink etc etc. Apparently made from processed classical samples, there are basically two types of gas track:
    one that fades in and out, hazily washing around, unshimmering like a half-remembered dream, and one that is the same but has a kick drum dropping 4/4 beneath/behind/within it.
    So I'm going to put up one of each. He doesn't bother with titles, so I've given you the track numbers.
  • Gas - untitled (track1)

  • Gas - untitled (track4)

  • It's tragically and criminally out of press,but you can download it from emusic, alongwith the other two albums...
    Since then, apart from one excellent 12" recorded under the "Alltag" name, he seems to have given up on this kind of stuff and cranks out berlinesque techno anthems on Kompakt.
    Maybe one day. Or one night. Gas come back.

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    busy busy busy

    repeat delay
    Soon I will return.
    Meantimes, here's an escapee:
    Drum machine, drum machine and theremins.
    nine by nine...
  • Bass Clef 'ninebar rhythm'
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