Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Had a cracking time playing at Wonktronica in Elephant & Castle on friday night. Hello to all of you I met down there.
Me and my polska friend
the non hopkinsons
met up with the Hopkinson brothers
the hopkinsons
who were there to chaperone mr Hopkinson's computer who was also on the bill. A beautiful, emotive performance, as always...
It was about 4am by the time I played, but by that time it had stopped being a long day after work, and had started to be an early morning of the weekend. Lots of fun, guest polish mc's and everyone clamouring for a go on the theremin...
Thanks to David for the photos.
Album and single release dates to follow shortly!


Blogger mr_hopkinson said...

Extraordinarily good to see you . . . & great to at last witness a Bass Clef set, with a nice bit of old skool Stokes Croft at the end . . .

There's a bit of You on YouTube ( very dark ) . . .


4:19 pm  

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