Monday, November 30, 2009

loveless chinese democracy finally lands

Hello my dear friends
I hope you are well and happy

Well in a record time of just three short years since 'A Smile...' the follow up has finally landed... my bloody valentine and guns'n'roses watch and learn from my amazng work rate :-p

I think it was worth the work (for me) and the wait (for you) but that's not for me to decide! For this week only you can get it for £5 on 7digital here
may the bridges I burn light the way

Sadly, and happily, the album title has proved eerily prophetic as one by one the constant things in my life go up in smoke, leaving me fully immersed in the world of wonderful album 3 will be much sooner, honest guv...I'm due some phoenixing...

much love

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