Wednesday, September 26, 2007

(Photo from the absolutely amazing a soviet poster a day blog)

  • The Hollywood Orchestra 'Theme From Forbidden Planet'

  • The Hollywood orchestra, not at all a made up name for some session musicians, covering the theme to a film that I thought originally had a purely electronic soundtrack, on a budget label, cheap vinyl, photocopied sleeve...
    Regardless, this certainly ranks as 50p well spent, listen to the way that the theremin (tone generator? psychosonic thingammyjig?) sweeps up through the frequency ranges all over those beautiful, vague, simulated-stereo-strings. Breaks and makes my heart everytime.

    Lazer 3.14

    AND massive thanks to Rico and all at Ichione for a brilliant show in Amsterdam (photo above is by legendary (?) dutch graffitist (yeah I said it) Lazer 3.14)


    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Water is flowing

    Door to the Hell, originally uploaded by jordics.

    I love it when The Fall ease off the Angry Pedal. There's something so unspeakably charming about MES' more reflective moments. It makes me wish he was my uncle.
    From the very underrated "Real New Fall LP"

  • The Fall 'Mountain Energei'

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