Friday, May 29, 2009

back ups and second waves

absolutely synapse-deep in to the SND album'Atavism'...
every noise is just so

This second track is 8 minutes of sculptured ice-funk brilliance,crystalline and swoon.

very austerepackaging too.

speaking of second tracks, second attempts (second pengs?), contingencies and back up plans, B's in fact:
sad developments in two unrelated but identically named organisations.

I will certainly miss the sometimes irritating but always interesting and certainly wonderfully turned out, illustrated and photgraphed Plan B magazine; another victim of 'these troubled times' (@Alan Sugar, returned with thanks)...
this 'scandal' in the modular synth world, the seeming demise of boutique synth maker Plan B, whose electronic magicks I have longed for on many occasions, has also left a sad taste.

SO, here's a cheerer-upperer, some brazillian wonder, courtesy of the lovely Ali:
Noriel Vilela ’16 toneladas’

Thursday, May 21, 2009


oh poor neglected blog…

Well in honour of the phoenix-like rise from the ashes of the best record shop in the world ever
I have decided to get back on it.

I’ve not been idle, honest guv, and happy top say that the second album is basically, finally, finished and should be out this side of 2012.
Last night Huw Stephens (god bless him) played a track from it, you can listen again here

Aside from that, the never-ending tour has rolled through some great places (Berlin, Dublin, Camarthen (oh Camarthen!) Bristol, Oslo, Bergen, Bristol, London, London, Bristol, and London to name a few…) and now I return like a bad penny to the wonderful Nottingham:

Maybe see you there
'The Incredible'
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