Wednesday, September 06, 2006

vague lullabies, part one (links fixed)

music to soundtrack falling asleep is a really important thing to me. A good bedtime cd could get played everynight for anything up to half a year in some cases. It could be anything I suppose (I remember a 3 week period when I was playing Lightning bolt to fall to asleep to, but really really quietly, at such low levels it became somehow soothing) but I generally find that I most fall in love with (unsurprisingly) drifty escapist otherwordly textured electronica type nonsense. It has to conjure up the vague world between awake and adreamt and make my brain stop whirring and let me close my eyes and be entertained by whatever may play out on the inside of my eyelids...
Anyways, before I start to ramble on, I wanted to share some tracks from what has to be no.1 in my lullaby charts.
I mean, this is one of my favourite albums ever, day or night. But it is perfect for sending me off too - just the right balance of the soothing and the slightly unsettling...
This is the 3rd album by Gas, aka Wolfgang Voigt, aka Mike ink etc etc. Apparently made from processed classical samples, there are basically two types of gas track:
one that fades in and out, hazily washing around, unshimmering like a half-remembered dream, and one that is the same but has a kick drum dropping 4/4 beneath/behind/within it.
So I'm going to put up one of each. He doesn't bother with titles, so I've given you the track numbers.
  • Gas - untitled (track1)

  • Gas - untitled (track4)

  • It's tragically and criminally out of press,but you can download it from emusic, alongwith the other two albums...
    Since then, apart from one excellent 12" recorded under the "Alltag" name, he seems to have given up on this kind of stuff and cranks out berlinesque techno anthems on Kompakt.
    Maybe one day. Or one night. Gas come back.


    Blogger Sam atki2 said...

    Yes Ralph, I love all the Gas albums! Thanks for the reminder - I've just dug out my copy of 'Konigforst'...

    12:17 am  
    Blogger themightypam said...

    RLFy, RlFy, RLFy, you made me have to go dig out the md of this I made only to discover it's screwed! and what pray tell is your 2nd fave bedtime album of choice?? and one more question.. when's the single and aldum out??

    10:19 am  
    Blogger bass clef said...

    all things come to those who wait...

    12:30 pm  
    Blogger themightypam said...

    haha. damn you, pimpernel!

    6:42 pm  

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