Sunday, June 01, 2008

casualties of tour

Theremin; aerial partially separated from case, has sadly played its last note.

Microphone; bizarrely enough yellow insulation tape turned out not to be good enough to prevent this falling apart.

Mixing desk; (beloved Behringer, bought with the advance from my first ever release back in 2002, it will be sorely missed!) missing fader, severely bent pan and gain knobs on 3rd channel, 5th channel only works left side, pretty much every channel intermittent, 2 through to 4 only work at all when turned right up (very rock and roll).

Cowbells; heavily beaten, right one is basically flat (and sounds even worse than that), left one is missing third bell at the top (flew off at a show at White Heat (later retrieved by polska friend, but sadly no cowbell surgeons where in attendance)

Drumsticks; see cowbells (full disclosure: sadly I have destroyed way more than 4 drumsticks in the last year and a half (and to date have escaped a flying wood chip in the eye)).

Batteries; drained.
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