Friday, May 29, 2009

back ups and second waves

absolutely synapse-deep in to the SND album'Atavism'...
every noise is just so

This second track is 8 minutes of sculptured ice-funk brilliance,crystalline and swoon.

very austerepackaging too.

speaking of second tracks, second attempts (second pengs?), contingencies and back up plans, B's in fact:
sad developments in two unrelated but identically named organisations.

I will certainly miss the sometimes irritating but always interesting and certainly wonderfully turned out, illustrated and photgraphed Plan B magazine; another victim of 'these troubled times' (@Alan Sugar, returned with thanks)...
this 'scandal' in the modular synth world, the seeming demise of boutique synth maker Plan B, whose electronic magicks I have longed for on many occasions, has also left a sad taste.

SO, here's a cheerer-upperer, some brazillian wonder, courtesy of the lovely Ali:
Noriel Vilela ’16 toneladas’


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