Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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Mike Danata (U.K)

I Dreamed a Dream
Price: £8.98

Availability: Available for pre-order

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Why review?, 6 Sep 2009
This is pointless, you cannot review something that isn't out yet, alongside the fact that we have no knowledge of the contents (apart from the hints of maybe one or two of the tracks!

I will however give it five stars, because I LOVE Susan's voice, & I know that she would have choosen GREAT songs!

One thing that I believe FOR SURE is that it will be a number one selling Album.

I will buy multiple copys to give as gifts etc, just to "Push it along" & I am sure that millions of others will also, as a way of thanks to Susan for the inspiration & Hope that she has given to so many around the world. Nothing is impossible if you believe in it yourself, & what you truly believe CAN happen, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS...............

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