Wednesday, September 13, 2006

vague lullabies, part two

This one is long dark nights of sleeplessness and half-sleep on stokes croft. The starts and ends of things. Mostly the ends.
Anyways, one third of Labradford and a guy from Stars of the lid teamed up to make this wonderful thing back in 2000. They called themselves Aix em Klemm and I'm sad to say I've never heard or seen anything else from these two together, apart from this beautiful 6 track album. There's hardly anything going on - but what is going on is just...
Have a listen, I think this tracks only got about 3 different noises on it, but it's truly a small moment of bliss.
  • Aix em klemm 'the luxury of dirt'

  • Of course, it's out of press (oh aren't they all) but you can, of course, download it here from emusic
    sweet dreams.


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