Wednesday, February 10, 2010

eye of the year of the tiger

hello dear friends,
seeing as Chinese New Yeah! is nearly upon us, it's probably time for a news round up:

A rather special show at the Luminaire coming up, as well as a FREE mix cd, I'll also be playing some tracks with live drums from the one and only Frank Byng. Should be a good one:
luminaire flyer

Also next tuesday I'll be playing a FREE instore at Pure Groove in smithfields. Come and dance! It's good for the soul you know.

full bass clef UK and euro tour in planning for april and may, full dates to follow but I'll be hitting plenty of places I have never been to before: Malta, Israel, Edinburgh, Lincoln, as well as some of my favourites, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow and many more...

afican music mix I did for FACT is:
also forthcoming mixes in the works for Spannered and Electronic Explorations

see you lunar

attempted roland kirk w/redeye

Monday, November 30, 2009

loveless chinese democracy finally lands

Hello my dear friends
I hope you are well and happy

Well in a record time of just three short years since 'A Smile...' the follow up has finally landed... my bloody valentine and guns'n'roses watch and learn from my amazng work rate :-p

I think it was worth the work (for me) and the wait (for you) but that's not for me to decide! For this week only you can get it for £5 on 7digital here
may the bridges I burn light the way

Sadly, and happily, the album title has proved eerily prophetic as one by one the constant things in my life go up in smoke, leaving me fully immersed in the world of wonderful album 3 will be much sooner, honest guv...I'm due some phoenixing...

much love

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Review Written by
Mike Danata (U.K)

I Dreamed a Dream
Price: £8.98

Availability: Available for pre-order

7 of 12 people found the following review helpful:
Why review?, 6 Sep 2009
This is pointless, you cannot review something that isn't out yet, alongside the fact that we have no knowledge of the contents (apart from the hints of maybe one or two of the tracks!

I will however give it five stars, because I LOVE Susan's voice, & I know that she would have choosen GREAT songs!

One thing that I believe FOR SURE is that it will be a number one selling Album.

I will buy multiple copys to give as gifts etc, just to "Push it along" & I am sure that millions of others will also, as a way of thanks to Susan for the inspiration & Hope that she has given to so many around the world. Nothing is impossible if you believe in it yourself, & what you truly believe CAN happen, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS...............

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Friday, July 03, 2009

melting again

hey hey hey

too hot for me these days

but SONAR was a blast;
I love you huw stephens

In some fields next weekend:

Flyer front

Friday, May 29, 2009

back ups and second waves

absolutely synapse-deep in to the SND album'Atavism'...
every noise is just so

This second track is 8 minutes of sculptured ice-funk brilliance,crystalline and swoon.

very austerepackaging too.

speaking of second tracks, second attempts (second pengs?), contingencies and back up plans, B's in fact:
sad developments in two unrelated but identically named organisations.

I will certainly miss the sometimes irritating but always interesting and certainly wonderfully turned out, illustrated and photgraphed Plan B magazine; another victim of 'these troubled times' (@Alan Sugar, returned with thanks)...
this 'scandal' in the modular synth world, the seeming demise of boutique synth maker Plan B, whose electronic magicks I have longed for on many occasions, has also left a sad taste.

SO, here's a cheerer-upperer, some brazillian wonder, courtesy of the lovely Ali:
Noriel Vilela ’16 toneladas’

Thursday, May 21, 2009


oh poor neglected blog…

Well in honour of the phoenix-like rise from the ashes of the best record shop in the world ever
I have decided to get back on it.

I’ve not been idle, honest guv, and happy top say that the second album is basically, finally, finished and should be out this side of 2012.
Last night Huw Stephens (god bless him) played a track from it, you can listen again here

Aside from that, the never-ending tour has rolled through some great places (Berlin, Dublin, Camarthen (oh Camarthen!) Bristol, Oslo, Bergen, Bristol, London, London, Bristol, and London to name a few…) and now I return like a bad penny to the wonderful Nottingham:

Maybe see you there
'The Incredible'

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Did I mention that I love Estonia?
I love Estonia.
That was definitley one of my favourite shows to play at. Thank you Estonia!

The clip above is of the amazing pianist / composer Lubmyr Melnyk who was also playing at the same event.
Well actually, it's of the ceiling above where he was playing, because I couldn't get a good shot of him playing, and well because it looked really nice.
He played 45 minutes of the most amazing piano I have ever heard: like Alice Coltrane playing Steve Reich's 'Six Pianos'; but on one piano, fathoms underwater...

And here's the one and only Peverelist, also rocking it in Tallinn that night,
majestic on his alt. dubstep throne:


The wonderful Max Tundra




Sage advice

Weapon of Choice
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