Friday, June 23, 2006

four to the floor - part one

Some 4/4 business today. First up my favourite UR track (not said lightly) the wonderfully-titled "abandoned building in mono" by Perception (probably Mad Mike’s auntie’s pseudonym or something) which strangely joins the dots with Leeds’ mighty The Remote Viewer, for me anyways.Here’s an amazing site of abandoned buildings (can anyone read this? or maybe on reflection I don’t want to know the whys and the hows, actually).
“Perception - abandoned building in mono”

Mr Carl Craig is getting a lot of internet TLC at the moment. Whilst I am very much enjoying his renaissance styles (minimal perfect kicks and swooshes and tangerined synths), I will always have a massive soft spot for his days as 69.
"Desire" has the awkward breakbeat he was so fond of bashing into the tracks whether they liked it or not, a lovely clumsy bassline, and the most delirious freewheeling washing-machine-on-detroit-spincycle topline synth. From the awesome sound of music album.
“69 - Desire”


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