Friday, June 02, 2006

3 recurrrrring

no god

Boredoms last monday was a treat. I'd built it up in my mind too much, probably, I've been waiting a long time to see eye and yoshimi, and I knew they were touring with a three drummer line-up, which was frankly an irresistable prospect. Shepherd's bush is a trek and I couldn't really see a lot, and b couldn't see anything, really, but still...
I always thought that I didn't really like toms. The refuge of unimaginative rock drummers. Floor toms sometimes, maybe, detuned and mournful, but otherwise no. The dream drumkit of my mind, I always see as Kick drum, snare drum, hi-hats. Maybe a ride with some chains attached. But on monday I changed my mind. I dunno, maybe it was the fact that there was no bass - no bass sounds on eye's samplers either, just swirling pitchshifting chords, flanging like sunshine, there was so much room in the sound for those Toms. They were much more rehearsed than I imagined too. "seadrum" always sounded like some epic hours of brutal beautiful improv condensed into twenty minutes. But eye conducted with some snake charmeresque hand movements, tempo's were changed and chopped, drum and bass and proto-house and shinto temple ritual all battered together by the god damn tom tom toms...

not really related except for their japaneseness...
like you dreamt two japanes girls were covering salt'n'pepa with a heavy heavy drummm mmmachine:
the world according to

and takako minekawa
with 7 minutes of cornelius-wrapped sunblissss
milk rock


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