Wednesday, June 14, 2006

compression / decompression



I'd love to hear this on the big system at FWD or DMZ. often thought of Seefeel whilst there. My polska friend mentioned it, too. But then we both had a bit of a thing about this track. I think we ended up with three or four copies of this on 10" between us.
oh, there's probably an embarrasing mixtape somewhere with us playing all of them haphazardly & unsynchronized on a random selection of record players without pitch control.
happy days.

clipped drums, sub bass. and d-e-p-t-h. submarinesque.
1994 I think, this came out.
still sounds so fresh to my ears.
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on an unrelated note: hello dad!


Blogger mr_hopkinson said...

let the name, ummmmm . . .

Drop. I knew them then, or Darren anyway.

eh up ex ar el ef, I got a blogger account, just to post ere

more comments later


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