Monday, June 05, 2006

Venn report

After a slight detour to Gloucester (I got on the wrong train at Parkway - fool) I finally rolled into sunny bristol early afternoon. Met up with friends, dropped off bags and equipment, marvelled at mechanical/electrical musical hybrids in the Here gallery. Got some beers and we were off to King's square to lie in the sun, arriving too late to catch Appleblim's radio show, but luckily running into the man himself-
After plenty of faffing, drinking, meeting babies and all sorts of expected and unexpected reunions I managed to head to the Bell for some Big ting. Puffin Jack was spinning -
puffin plays disco
Then a rush off to soundcheck, Dissident system was both MIGHTY and HEAVY. Those guys have built something truly beautiful.
I met Scion as they set up their laptops but couldn't really speak to them because I was a)in awe, and b)somewhat drunk.
Then to Casablanca to meet up with some more friends
and to be pleasantly baffled by Volcano the Bear and just baffled by Ariel pink.

After a nostalgic visit to Rita's that was more touching than actually tasty, I was down to the blue mountain to catch the last half hour of Pinch's set, awesome as always. I had a LOT of fun playing through the big system, even though Rob had managed to topple the monitor with one of his tunes! Trombone playing could have been better, and I've still not found a good running order for the set - so much new material, I don't know how it all fits together. Not a bad position to be in though...
Here's me mid-theremin sweep, looking demented.
bass clef
And then the mighty Scion, with a really varied set ranging from a dubbed-out intro to a blistering, rumbling, chest-shaking 4/4 finish, almost no hi-hats at all, very on beat but with some majestic glacial filter sweeps and swoops, and some serious richter scale basslines.
Can't wait for next year....


Blogger Mr Soft said...

your set was top mate! theremin/cowbell/trombone always a good thing. nice blog, looking forward to hearing you play again.....

10:49 am  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

Aye, Kiran's hit the nail on the head. I don't think you've really got to worry about set structure with tunes of that quality!

3:54 pm  

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