Monday, June 19, 2006

a weekend in the echo chamber, using every wire and channel and adaptor and socket and pedal I have at the moment, everything is at it's limit...

Here's another one from 1994. I cannot underplay the impact this track had on me - dubwise but (at the time) ultra modern. I heard it out oh somewhere and then those phased trumpets were earworming their way around my internal jukebox for days. Of course I only had to sing about three notes to my polska friend on my way home from school. Of course he had it. on 10".
And that was how glorious Andrew Weatherall and the almighty Sabres of Paradise entered my life.
wilmot meets lord scruffage
buy haunted dancehall, you won't regret it

analog echo

Rhythm & Sound - Queen version
"I'm like a burning fire..."
King Tubby - dub to the rescue
I'm no royalist, but he deserves the name.

and here's what happened when I left the tape rolling...
welcome to echo chamber bonus beats


Blogger baked said...

dum de dum dum
dum de dum dum
dum de dardy dum de dar de dum

oh, come on, you know what i'm saying. we are both trained monkeys, i mean, musicians innit?

i too am in the maritime industry. strange that.

loving the new blog bass clef.

blogger is the new myspazz; just as tapes are the format of the future.

lovely stuff.

please keep it up old bean.

the patient

ps. nice seefeel drop. rwd: let's have some disco inferno, insides, bark psychosis, pram, main et al!

i'm listening to main now. mr angel got me a 2cd thing on sub rosa. bless him.

8:56 pm  

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