Friday, June 02, 2006

why haven't you learned anything?

urgh. 4 hours sleep but it was worth it. Another great night at >>>FWD, took my polska friend, danced like a fool and managed not to get drunk or throw a whitey. How I love to be in that dark little room full of bass. Mala and Loe on great form, Pokes too ("this one come straight out of a wheelie bin"). So many good tunes still to come out. Learn, shattered, oh all the ones I don't know the names of. Something that sounded like a loefah remix or a VIP mix of Pinch's punisher. An amazing new Loefah tune with the heaviest thickest liquid weight 808 kicks that pummel you like leaves in a gale force wind. Mala bouncing around. I do like their almost nice cop / nasty cop routine. Not too many rewinds, not too many of the tunes I don't get / like. These are the good old days someone'll be reminiscing for...

oh yeah you can download some live sets from FWD here hatcha benny ill youngsta


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