Friday, May 26, 2006

random friday moments

Berlin May 2006 035

Had a lovely time at Ruffnek last night - good to catch up with punksi and chiz and the big ting royalty. And good to hear a blistering set from Pinch. His tune "punisher" is so so good. A properly wonky bassline that lives up to it's name, last night it was sandwiched at the end of an hour's full bass workout and just before "anti-war dub". A tune which has always reminded me of bristol - even though it's made by a south london boy and the first time I ever heard it was third base in brixton. Hmm, just something about it is bristolesque...

None of which has anything to do with the lovely picture above, that becca took when we were on holiday in berlin last week, or the track below...

  • hardchord

  • I'm off to see the boredoms on monday night, very excited, I needs me some three drummer action.

    Hope you all have good weekends...



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