Tuesday, June 27, 2006

more four four (well...)


Andy Freer–'Super Galaxo'
Don’t know much about Andy Freer, never seen anything else by him since. I heard he was 19 when he went into the studio to do this. Maybe if I’d done this track I’d be happy just to draw a line and stop making music – this is p-u-r-e-j-o-y. I deny anyone not to envy the jigsaw-perfect drop. Get ready to whoosh…
From the Newtown comp on Ai.

Lightning Bolt - “f.f.”
And, well, not exactly 4/4 but kind of, in my mind. DFA would kill to get their hands on these hi-hats. So would I, actually. This is disco-krautrock via absolute rhode island lunacy.
From “ride the skies”

and also: big thank you to Tom Machinochrist for having me play at Corsica studios last night – my last chance to try out new stuff before the album is due (eek!)


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