Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What do you sleep?


It's not every show that you get to play in a giant concrete world war II ex-nazi bunker that contains a nightclub, rehearsal and recording studios, artist studios and more...


Many thanks to Raf and Thomas from mfoc for taking such good care of me, it was a great party, really nice crowd. I got to play on the same bill as the one and only John Callagher.
Although I wished I'd planned a slightly more 4/4 set!

Under the Elba

I got taken on a great walk around Hamburg the next day, including this fantastic tunnel under the Elba, across the miles and miles of docks, learnt about the Hafenstrasse and Klaus Stortebeker, walked through a giant building site the size of Hackney, and of course this:


Anyway, here's a couple of songs that were soundtracking my night flight home...

Night flight
  • James Carr 'the dark end of the street'

  • Buy it- seriously - it is an amazing body of work. I'm no expert on soul, let alone the ins and outs of the deep southern stuff. But this album really hits me.

  • Irma Thomas 'while the city sleeps'

  • 'Straight from the soul'
    24 tracks for £ good



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    wow. hamburg and the concrete bunker look incredible. the sonics off the circular concrete interior must have been a total head / ear screw.

    2:32 pm  

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