Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a bunch of bass clefs, originally uploaded by teresaBARROZO.

Well my mini tour of the big smoke has drawn to a close, big thanks to all who put up with me (and a big shout to Hugo Frasa for representing the brazillian massive!).

Next up it's the Glade festival, I'm playing saturday at 1:50 pm in a Pinch and Maryanne Hobbs sandwich!


Here's a couple of tunes that will be soundtracking my journey:

  • King Sunny Ade - 'Oremi'

  • I found this thanks to the awesome Awesome tapes from Africa blog. If you've ever felt like side one of "Remain in Light" doesn't go on for long enough - then this is for you (maybe that's just me?).
    Anyway, I'm having a serious King Sunny phase right here and now, and this is easily the best album I've come across - synths and drum machines and echo and all - oh and a fairly painful appearance of Stevie Wonder on one track - but that aside! - wonderful.

    buy me

  • Marsha Gee 'Peanut Duck'

  • Noone knows who Marsha Gee was (is?). That's not even her name - just a name given to her by a dj who put this unreleased, untitled acetate out as a bootleg in the 80's. It's a truly singular slice of 1966 (?) pop, obviously a cold attempt to cash in on Dance Craze type songs - but it's the last minute, when Marsha runs out of lyrics, only to descend / ascend into true self - expression and transcend everything going on around her. When this shuffles up on me when I'm walking the street, I smile wide .
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