Friday, June 08, 2007

Tuss tuss

Tenneson & Dale Order, Order 2006
'Order, Order 2006' by Tenneson & Dale
If you happen to be in Manchester you should go and check this exhibition.
If you don't happen to be in Manchester you should make the effort and go anyway.
I should take my own advice.

Here's a man who I figure never takes advice.
This is a wonderful mix of the warm textures and unplaceable melancholia of the Analords with the precision and glorious nuanced-ness of, say 'Drukqs'. With a heady whirl of re-imagined chiacgo house covering everything like a fog, just for good measure.
  • The Tuss - Alspacka

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    I wish you all good weekends.

    p.s. speaking of which anyone who wants to see me supporting Murcof and an Ulrich Schnauss dj set who lives in london and who isn't doing anything on sunday night could certainlyend a good weekend at the luminere...



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