Wednesday, June 06, 2007

straighten up and fly right

Banksy - The Mild Mild West, originally uploaded by i y e r s.

You'd never describe living on the croft as nice, exactly, but I loved my years on it, above it, along it,(under it?). Everywhere gentrifies I guess, at some point. It just always had a feel of being at the convergence point of a couple of really really wrong ley lines. Maybe you can't just Luxury Flat over that kind of thing? Here's hoping.
This Banksy piece was the view from my window for a couple of those stokes croft years, not his best by far but now to become
"the centrepiece of an atrium with an organic cafe"
So goodbye sweet turbo island, lifestyle, Rita's, the king of stokes croft, pigeons and weirdness and grime, in time...

Here's my hero Tom singing about Stokes Croft. Well, ok no, but you can hear what I mean.
  • Tom Waits 'little drop of poison'
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