Tuesday, June 26, 2007

tidy like

Long train journeys, walkman, headphones, window to stare out of.
I remember as a kid getting put on the train or the coach to go to Carlisle, or Kendal, or even just Norwich or Southend to visit parents or family. If the journey was two hours or seven, no matter, I had my sony cassette walkmen (with pitch control!) and I could get enveloped in the sounds...
These are a couple of songs shuffled up for me by the great clickwheel gods to soundtrack my trip to Carmathen this weekend, to play at the fantastically named Jolly Tar. I'd had a works do the night before and was feeling decidedly ropey but the wonderful Matt and Ben of Tangled Parrot took great care of me, and I had a cracking night. Thanks!

(For anyone who thinks AE are cold and emotionless...)
Autechre do Gas? Too early, 95 this one I think, glacier sheets of melting melody turning soft and warm and lonesome.
  • Autechre - VLEtrmx21

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    (claim it if you like, my polska friend)

    I love the way bulgarian music has no truck with the ridiculous western classical Major=happy Minor=sad nonsense. There is a glorious middle ground (probably aided by my inability to understand the lyrics) and the harmonies/harmonics fitted the post-industrial west wales landscape like it was all planned...
  • The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Choir - Izpoved

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    In other news, I seem to have ended up with a nice run of shows across the big smoke(that's LDN to those of you with trust funds), kicking off with:
    Broader than Broadway

    Then a rare (for me) dj appearance at Blackout on saturday the 7th of July:
    at the Russian Bar where I'll be playing strictly 4/4 stuff, with live drum machine (for the first and possibly only time!)

    Then on the 10th it's off to White Heat at Madame Jojo's where I'm very lucky indeed to be on the same bill as Mala DMZ...

    And then it all builds to:
    Whitechapel flyer
    (which is pretty close to a hometown show for me, as it is but a few bus stops away...)



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