Friday, August 10, 2007

"tell me a story...about how I wasn't so tired"

  • The Fiery Furnaces "slavin' away (bass clef remix)"

  • Guess I'd never get clearance for the vocals on now it's a remix. Just for me really, as I deeply love this song.
    And next week I am lucky enough to be appearing here:
    MFOC flyer
    come see me - I don't bite.



    Blogger John said...


    6:14 pm  
    Blogger Charles Mcfadyen said...

    err, so this was a while ago, but any chance of a reup? love this tune, heard it on reactfm a while back, but the mc said it was a friendly fires track, hence me being unable to find it ANYWHERE.

    6:48 pm  
    Blogger bass clef said...

    re-up to come the front page!

    1:17 pm  

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