Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Liberace fingers & champagne corpses

another ice cold song for a hot hot day-
snowdrifted synth sweeps over the tundra, cramped snare crack ticks away your time, polar bear tambourines, and not much else. brrrrrr....
  • Clipse 'me too'

  • clipse on Juno

    and here's one I got originally from STG - I post in the hope of any more information about this at all - I just love the insistent/relentless crazy preset noise that runs all over this - weaving in with the rimshots and the hats - and oh her voice....
  • TAS 'round da corner'

  • TAS on said the gramaphone

    on the home front: still wrestling with the tracks and the tracklists.nearly there now....


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