Tuesday, July 11, 2006

summer blazedown

dmz queue
dmz lineuppoax

Another cracking DMZ, sound was the best it's been since leaving 3rd bass, I reckon. Atmosphere amazing as always...
Chef kicked off with a greatest hits style set (wierd to hear 'midnight request line' three times before midnight in one form or another!) and some amazing blends - he's an inspiration. And then Benga stepped up with a massive half hour of new stuff - quite straight down the line, a little skreamesque (obviously, I guess, or is skream a little benga-esque? oh a bit of both...). N-type and yunx brought yet more and more excellent mixes and blends. Mala and Loe great as always. 'Learn' was a big favourite for me, if not anyone else in the crowd...
The rewinds weren't too crazy, not enough new tunes I reckon, but you know, that night's not just structured for my benefit! Wish I could have stuck it out to catch the mighty Vex'd, but it was not to be. Couldn't muster up my normal levels of bass-fuelled energy and enthusiam this time - my feet and my neck were aching by midnight - I need a holiday...
Check Chef in the mix - big up whoever caught this little moment on camera>>>


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