Wednesday, July 05, 2006

soon the thunder will come

Rebecca Bulgaria Part One 080

potential storms-to-be filling the air round here, making it thick and heavy and slow, greying the light...
  • carl orff 'carmina burana'

  • buy me

    DMZ summer blazedown only three days away, can't wait!

    Here's one that won't make the album, a little orff-esque. I was having a go at some grimey/orchestral business, imagining myself on A.R.M.Y. records or something, but as usual it got derailed by some hyperactive drum programming....
  • bass clef 'joy/evil'

  • If you've got a minute, this is a thing of beauty-
  • music= maths = music

    Blogger mr_hopkinson said...

    Your extraordinary evil is a joy and that math musics is, dare I say, divine - though I think I know where you stand on the Lord.

    Anyway, reverse for a precise decade again for my rather obivious pre-storm evoker : Originoo Gun Clapaz - Da Storm.

    Bash bash.

    4:24 pm  
    Blogger doppelganger said...

    Wow that is beautiful - weird if you try and follow one dot as it passes round the formations - marvellous stuff

    5:11 pm  
    Blogger Tony Starks said...

    'joy/evil', but yeah, dont hide behind edits, let it roll. Hooks are big tho ... esp that mad synth vamp at the end. I'm glad I got to the YSI in time, cheers.

    6:13 am  

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