Monday, December 18, 2006



Check out fabulous website spannered, where they have kindly hosted an all new mix by me of bashment and digi-dub, an interview where I talk some nonsense, as well as absolutely loads of other goodness including not one but three mixes by the marvellous Hanuman. The whole site in fact is like a big treasure chest...

p.s. I went to the mythical Transition last week, to master a new 12" for release nearly next year, "Cannot be straightened" and "Opera" from the album, as well as a new track, can't wait to hear the tp! Hello to Ramadanman, who I ran into at Forest Hill station (it's a small world...)


Blogger ramadanman said...

hi there mr bass clef! hope the mastering went well, and cheers for the cd. my mum likes it! dk

1:04 am  
Blogger Headhunter said...

Biggup Bass Clef.. good to see u on the pages of the sun!!!!

Wonder how much it will increase sales!

Commercialism aint bad after all.



8:27 pm  
Blogger Rover El Supremo said...

Downloaded those tracks from Sapnnered. They really kick.

Cheers bro

10:06 am  

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