Friday, November 24, 2006

Well here it is...

It's time - the album "a smile is a curve that straightens most things" is released this monday!

You can buy it from these fine independent retailers:

The Thank You List which I couldn't fit on the sleeve is:

I've also done a 30 minute mix of album tracks, and a few newer bits, for you to download and check out:
  • mp3

  • zip

  • Tracklisting:

    00:00 Welcome back to echo chamber
    04:01 Clapton Deep
    05:52 Basss & Drummm make my heart sing
    08:36 One hundred point three
    10:40 Opera
    13:35 Cannot be straightened
    16:07 Stokes Croft 5am
    16:47 How I desire
    19:39 eight zero eight
    21:58 Graham road rhythm
    23:36 Quake
    24:04 Thank you for starting fires
    26:38 That's all I remember about it
    27:11 Don't ask me to forgive you



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