Monday, October 09, 2006

Hackney Centralist


It's finally arrived!
Out now - Hackney Centralist e.p. on Blank tapes

A Clapton Deep
B1 Life's E8!
B2 You're the X on my treasure map

I've ripped a couple of minutes of each track from the vinyl for you to download - so get going!
  • link to downloads

  • “It's deep, lazy skankin' dub vibes all the way on 'Clapton Deep' with it's melodic Basic Channel style chords and super intricate, crisp percussion. The track progresses gradually under layers of echo and delay. One for the smokers. The tempo increases on the flip with cut up, shuffling breaks and a wonky, almost 8-bit sounding bassline on 'Life's Great... in E8'. An unconventional and refreshing take on dubstep / post jungle. The excellent skittering drum programming continues on 'You're The X On My Treasure Map' with a growler of a bassline and a middle eastern sounding string. Quality gear straight outta Laaaandaaan. Anyone for jellied eels???”

    "This is without doubt one of the finest expeimental dubstep releases of 2006. This veers close to electronica in places and is essential if you like Kode 9, Burial or Rhythm And Sound"

    "The latest signing to Blank Tapes, Bass Clef is an ex-Bristol lad who makes the kind of gloopy dubstep that ensures the thunderous low-end is kept in check by a top shelf of piquant melodies that can't help but recall the boy Skream. Opening with 'Clapton Deep', Bass Clef (aka Ralph Cumbers) gnaws at the cochlea through a sticky blast of bass that almost folds in on itself through sheer might and power. Expanding and retracting like some kind of concrete beast, 'Clapton Deep' is as debased a hunk of dubstep you'll ever hear - a situation that is quelled somewhat on the more electro flavoured b-side of 'Life's Great...In E8!'. A bit like walking through an unfamiliar city after a few to many drinks, 'Hackney Centralist' is a slightly threatening but predominantly enjoyable experience that drips with urban attitude. Bass in your face!"

    Yes, Blank Tapes have released a rather excellent Dubstep record proving that you don't need to release the same genre of music each time you put something out. Hackney-based Bass Clef gets to grips with some serious underground sounds that are dub-laced, full of deep, moody flavours and some superbly chopped-up beats. There's a skillful malevolence to the sound with some really atmospheric background sounds and chord stabs that border on Basic Channel / Berlin style at times. A wicked piece of work that's well up there with all yer usual Dubstep bods.


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