Friday, October 20, 2006

Picadilly records - reggae single of the week!

"Bass Clef could easily be record of the week in dubstep or electronica, but in the end I went for reggae as main track "Clapton Deep" is absolutely immense.
Beginning his musical career as RLF, Ralph Cumbers, aka Bass Clef, had a handful of releases on Bristol labels Hombre and Sink & Stove, as well as a couple of 10"s on XL offshoot Rex. Hailing, unsurprisingly, from Hackney, the Bass Clef sound is an ingenious hybrid of contemporary and retro dub styles, seen through the eyes of an IDM connoisseur. The resulting fusion being neither one nor the other, instead a fresh, mesmerizing cacophony of foot-tapping grooves. "Clapton Deep" had me looking over at the deck every few seconds to make sure it was playing at the right speed, so slow and low are its dubwise inclinations, while "Life's Great In E8" is a funky Afro-tribal electroid wonder. Lastly, "You're The X On My Treasure Map" fuses Indian-sounding pitch-bending strings with dirty acid and fucked-up breaks (think Tackhead and other early On-U-Sound stuff)."

Thanks guys!


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