Wednesday, November 29, 2006

some reviews

“breaks, dubstep, drum’n’bass album of the week”

“An excellent and resolutely non-formulaic debut.”

“Bass Clef provides a full album that transcends the mere title of dubstep by invigorating the sound with a range of interesting elements. From Dud, techno and a blatant love for deep electronica, the tracks unfold before the listener with a dark, haunting and moody feel that’s funky, fresh and extremely listenable. I particularly like the way the dub comes through and you could really see this being a smokers album. Class from beginning to end.”

“If you're able to produce the kind of bass-drops and low-end charges that inhabit much of this excellent debut album from Ralph Cumbers' Bass Clef project, you'll find yourself in very good company at the tail-end of 2006, a year that's ushered in Low-End theorists with the kind of feverish excitement not seen since the heady days of 1970's towering dub. Bass Clef don't quite straddle the tried and tested Dubstep templates that have become de rigueur for the scene as the months have passed, instead opting for a more schizophrenic approach that takes-in Cumbers' evidently well-worn collection of Idm, Dub and Jungle records, mashed up and re-processed with a heavy analogue underlay that gives each of the 13 tracks here much of their charm and untold heaviness. Not entirely unlike the Werk label's excellent Actress, Bass Clef don't discriminate against any given styles, pairing off Cumbers' Bristol roots against his current surroundings in Hackney - a sort of geographic trawl through bass culture that's incredibly modern yet well-grounded in over 30 years of beat science. "A Smile Is A Curve..." is precisely the kind of album the scene needs if it's to circumvent the faint whiff of fatigue starting to seep out of its pores. Like Boxcutter's "Oneiric" from early on this year it manages to be a jack of many trades and master of pretty much all of them - the proverbial having your cake and eating it, urban styles. Excellent.”

“Excellent dubstep compatible beat excursions w/ wild SFX – TIP”

“this bunch of skittering, playful beats, insane schizo bass frequencies, moody dub textures & excellent programming is honestly one of the best progressive electronic albums i've heard in months. He's obviously been ingesting sounds from the entire IDM spectrum for years and has just thrown his cap into the ring with this collection of futurestep classics for the laugh. Ranging from spacious minimal dubstep to Warp style pioneering technoid stuff like Milanese, taking in influences from the likes of Squarepusher etc, this CD, 'A Smile as a Curve that Straightens Most Things' (a sweet title) is an absorbing journey for intelligent beat-heads everywhere.”


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