Friday, October 26, 2007


All pictures from the fantastic Soviet Poster Blog

  • Beep...Beeep...Beeeeeeep

  • re-up by demand:

  • Fiery Furnaces slavin' away (Bass Clef mix)

  • Fela Kuti - Schuffering and schmiling part 2

  • I've seen saints - but remember
    that I forgot
    to flag them down
    when they passed/
    and in the morning light
    you hold that ashtray

  • Pavement - Shoot the Singer
  • Labels:


    Blogger Jack said...

    hey bass clef...just came across this ff remix, downloaded it and played it on my radio show earlier today

    love your cd, eps and mixes, cheers from nyc. -- jack

    5:47 pm  
    Blogger bass clef said...

    Thanks Jack!
    I love the WFMU blog but have never checked the radio station (don;t have a computer at home really) but I must make amends...

    5:23 pm  

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