Monday, February 12, 2007


Hackney Central snowbound platform

No gig in Cardiff on friday: snow stops play.
Was a bit of a shame but there you go.
The snow was nearly worth it.
Got as far as Bristol Parkway before wheeling around and coming home again. Apparently the train I was on had been "declassified".


edit: on reflection it wasn't time entirely wasted. I had an epic Arthur Russell walkman-fest. Back to back 'another thought', 'calling out of context', 'springfield' and finally 'world of echo'.
All chased down with Fiery Furnaces' 'rehearsing my choir' for the cross-london friday night trawl (with trombone rucksack mixing desk my-god-why-don't-I-just-get-a-laptop) that was the closing stretch of my journey.

Nice to have the time / be forced to listen to whole albums. Start to finish. Not even skipping any tracks.

pylons in the snow


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