Thursday, January 25, 2007

I ramble some

Big weekend of gigs in Nottingham and London.
Massive thanks to the lovely people at Futureproof - what a great night!

I've done a twenty nine minutes and five seconds grime and dubstep mix for the people at dummy mag, get downloading...

Find myself in a (dangerous?) semi-nostalgic mood.
Must be getting old...
I miss Imperial.
Can't believe now I never took any pictures.
Here's one by the lovely Tom of our one-and-only instore, Charlie Parr:

Maybe now there's enough distance / time between me and then to see it more for what it was, or enough time for me to retell it to myself as some kind of story.
Five years, a lot of it really hard, difficult times for me, but really I grew up then and there, I don't know if anything else will feel like that again, or be as rewarding.
So many strands of my life, my musical life, hearing making playing absorbing and talking and talking about, interwoven together at a specific spot: 58 Park street.
To stand outside on the steps, on a break, or checking the window display,a moment of peace amongst the hectic and the hustle, looking at the golden unicorns on the top of the council building, shining down reflected sunlight on park street. Hoovering on a saturday morning. Checking the racks every every day. Unpacking a fresh box of 7's, 12's, digipacks, handmade cd's, imports, reissues, bootlegs, cracked cases, missing cd's, polystyrene foam and crunched up newspaper.


Back to the studio tonight, time to hunker down and get on with it.
See you soon.


Blogger Camilla said...

I miss Imperial too, it went a long way to my current crippling debt situation.

10:03 pm  
Blogger sian and crooked rib said...

i miss imperial too! me and jay were saying on sunday how we were all nostalgic for the imperial style big tings with all you guys on the opening tables, you , him, lev, niz anna darren and nicola, pam, me and dani. lovely description of park street when it was all happy and imperial was like its heart. man, i feel all nostalgic and reflective now, i must be getting old too. chris and rae look so young and sweet in the photo!
see you soon xx

12:04 pm  

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