Monday, February 19, 2007

infernal dante chair river memory

Lovely italian review of the album here beautifully mangled into "english" by google translate...

"Who follows with a sure costanza the infinite evolutions of oltremanica music electronic will be by now accustomed from much time to the term dubstep: associated from many to the grime, the dark evolution of the hip hop English of these last years, for the dark and disturbed sound, the dubstep, although in continuous evolution and movement, is however on the public square from at least a lustro. Only in 2006, but, it is emerged from the underground, also thanks to celebre show “the Dubstep Warz”, to which the active Planet Mu it has recently dedicated a beautiful floppy disk.

The dubstep it is risen of racially mixed and dark hybrid of the many currents that have crossed the English scene electronic in last the ten years: it drowns to you in a heavy one coltre of dub, in dubstep scalciano the ritmiche sincopate of the 2 step, slide the low ones submergeeed of the drum' n' bass and explode the loop of the breakbeat. The sound is dirty, lugubre, the groove nearly imballabile.

Bass Clef (acronym behind which the producer is hidden Ralph Numbers), with To Smile is To Curves That Straighten Most Things, puts on the chessboard an important pawn in this game: its is one of first, important experiments on the long distance. The èambientale sound, wrapping, but draft also always of a disturbed and restless atmosphere, the sound of England di post the 11 Blair of September, a plumbea and dark atmosphere that it resumes at times, in dry and spectral way, the atmospheres of the trip hop. Ethnic suggestions, changes of rhythm and one do not lack sure variety, to render the travel on long playing a little little ostico.

One remains however navigation on the Acheronte, infernal Dante chair river memory: it does not remain therefore that to choose a good helmsman and, all adding, Bass Clef a more reassuring thread of lugubre Charon is revealed."

Right, I'm off to change my surname to Numbers.


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