Friday, July 28, 2006

the other kind of boom bap

It's not often you hear the wonderful resonance FM
mentioned in the media, let alone on Radio 4. But nevertheless this morning whilst I was answering back to the radio in my grumpy morning style, I can't believe Tony Blair and the rest of his government are doing nothing. nothing. For someone who is supposedly some kind of born again opus dei christian, he seems to have a blank memory spot when it comes to a couple of commandments: thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not lie.
anyway, before I get well carried away, or rather whilst I was getting carried away, they played this piece - a lebanese trumpeter duetting with the sound of the Israeli air force bombing nearby Beirut, recorded live to minidisc on his balcony.
Bombs possibly sold to them by Americans, delivered on planes that have quite possibly stopped to refuel en route at UK military airports.
  • Mazen Kerbaj - starry night (excerpt)

  • His website has 3 more mp3's. I enjoyed songs for evan. How much you like it may well depend on how much you think you might like the sound of a deranged goose trying simultaneously to seduce you and attack you.
    There's also his blog with his artwork.

    Also note I wish no offence to any of my friends with links to Israel - my anger is solely directed at those with the power and the weapons and the people making money from the suffering (hello there massively-subsidised UK arms industry) and as ever it is the innocent people of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Israel who suffer.
    and I just thought it was a poignant piece of music, with no overt political content.


    Blogger mr_hopkinson said...

    I do like the sound of a deranged goose trying simultaneously to seduce and attack me.

    9:39 am  
    Blogger bass clef said...

    that explains a lot

    1:27 pm  

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