Thursday, July 31, 2008

Road movies, eyelid playback.

It's been a while.
But a good while - sonar, glastonbury, glade and the hypnotics tour. Good times and good people, so thank you all.
A few clips below, and whilst I find these things slightly uncomfortable to watch, (in a reading your old diaries kind of a way) man I'm going to treasure that sonar show for the rest of my the crowd pan shot at the end of the clip (after I've finished clowning around on the cowbell).
And a little bit from Glade, which turned out to be a great distraction and contrast to the concurrent Hypnotic Brass ensmble tour I was in the midst of (more to come on that later...), topped and tailed by manic motorway pedal to the floor drives (by the one and only Ali) to get me to the shows on time...

And lately (many thanks to a certain Deutsche) I have been in a glorious well of music, the light and dark of Axolotl and Birchville Cat Motel.

Beautiful held chord cascade organ tone drone from Axolotl below, from the Memory Theatre album, (go get it) some Birchville in the next post.

Axolotl 'Forclusion'


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check also this one

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Thank you!

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