Thursday, January 31, 2008

January blues vs celebrity endorsement


Huge line up - finally getting to play on the same bill as the wonderful Geiom, and last time i played with Martyn he was amazing, plus it's a futureproof so you know it'll be good...can't wait.

Just time for something that lifted me when I was in need of a bit of a lift:
someone has kindly posted this footage of the one and only AFX spinning 100.3 at a recent gig...made me smile a lot

Also, was very chuffed to be played recently on radio 1 by a certain Mr Yorke - especially as I had In Rainbows on constant repeat for the whole of december.

These things that keep you hoping...


Blogger Pieman said...

arl reet big fella
hope that London is treating you well

8:23 pm  
Blogger dj empirical said...


9:59 pm  
Blogger bass clef said...

Hey Pieman!
Or should I say 'papa pieman' these days ;)
the big smokes allright, I've done a domu/sonar circle remix I should send you, busy busy as ever...
hope all is well with you + the futureboogiers

10:40 am  
Blogger kernelcoremode said...

...i told u is the most futuristic track i heard last year !!!! no surprise afx played it !!
respect to him and you !!!!
later, nikos

12:14 pm  

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